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Stallions are collected by traditional AV boot methods. Each collection is examined and tested. After collection, semen can be used for insemination, cooled & shipped or frozen and stored. 


Embryo transfer is the process of recovering an embryo from a donor mare approximately seven days after conception and transferring it to another mare, the recipient. The recipient mare then becomes pregnant and carries the foal to term.


Artificial Insemination is the process of placing sperm in the reproductive tract of a mare. This process can be carried out using fresh, cooled (chilled) or frozen semen from a stallion. A plastic AI pipette is passed gently through the mare's cervix and the semen is injected into the uterus.


The benefits of using frozen semen when breeding a mare are numerous. Cryopreservation (freezing) allows long-term sperm storage, which in turn allows a breeder to collect and store semen from a stallion of interest and save it for the right mare in the future. Pregnancy rates achieved with frozen semen vary, but they average between 30-60% per estrous cycle. While it might take more than one cycle to achieve a pregnancy using frozen semen, most young fertile mares will conceive over the course of a breeding season. 

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