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  • What is the 5 panel test and why does it matter?
    The 5 panel test is performed to clarify if a horse is a carrier for GBED, HERDA, HYPP, NH and PSSMI. It is important to know if both sire and damn are carriers for the potential offspring health.
  • Can you foal my mare at your facility even if I didn't have her bred there, or to one of your stallions?
    Yes! We can accommodate any individual part of your breeding process, or all from start to finish. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs!
  • Where are you located?
    In beautful central New Mexico in the Rio Grande valley, just 30 minutes from the Albuquerque International Airport, with convenient interstate access.
  • Can you receive shipped, cooled, or frozen semen from an outside stallion?
    Yes! We can receive shipped semen seven days a week via FedEx delivery services. Please contact us for details.
  • Can you board my mare even if she is not cycling to breed when she arrives?
    Yes! We can monitor her for signs and engage our attending veterinarian Andres Estrada for ultrasounds and advisement. You also have the option to assist her cycle with medication to ensure precise timing and increase percentages of a successful insemination process.
  • Do you care for my mare throughout her pregnancy, foaling and after?
    Yes! We have various rates and accommodations for every stage. Please contact us to determine the best individualized plan!
  • What if the first artificial insemination is not successful?
    We can try again! Do not be discouraged! Fertility is not a guaranteed science, with any living creature. As a team, our role is to assist and improve the odds. It is an investment you need to be realistic about up front. On the occasion successful pregnancy is not achieved on the first attempt, we can learn from each aspect and adjust in progression!
  • How do you accept payments for services?
    We provide itemized invoice from our care records. There are options to electronically pay in person and online! If you need other arrangements, please contact us ahead of time for approval.
  • How far in advance do I need to make arrangements?
    We do our best to accommodate every request. We understand there are natural variants to the breeding cycle. We will do everything possible to oblige same-day requests. Please understand our entire team members have schedules to maintain as well. To ensure the best possible opportunity for you, please give as much notice as possible, 24 hours minimum, more is optimal!
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